Local Healing Services

Intuitive Tarot and Reiki out of Easthampton, Massachusetts.

Tarot Reading

I use tarot to dive deep into your present situation, and help you discover opportunities for expansion and release in your life.

We will take a look into where you are on your journey.

What are your strengths? What are your challenges? What is life asking you to learn from your struggles? How can you find balance, calm, and healing?

These are questions we can explore together.

If you are seeking insight on a particular question or area of your life, please let me know. I’m happy to craft a spread customized to your situation.

15 minutes – $20

30 minutes – $35

60 minutes – $65


Reiki is a body-centered energetic healing modality. It works through your seven chakras, restoring energetic balance to your body, mind, and spirit. I use my intuition to guide where is most in need of healing–or you can let me know if there is an area you’d like me to focus on.

Most people report feeling a deep sense of calm similar to that achieved through meditation. I think of it like a massage for the spirit.

Sessions can be either hands-off or hands-on. I will only use hands-on treatment if you have agreed to it first. All sessions are held on a massage table, fully clothed.

15 minutes – $25

30 minutes – $40

60 minutes – $70

Integrated Healing

We open and close with 5 minute meditations, then enter into 40 minutes of Reiki, followed by a 20 minute tarot reading session.

During Integrated Healing sessions, I will open up to receive information about your emotional, spiritual, and physical strengths and struggles. Occasionally, I will receive information from those who have passed on.  I use this to guide the healing session and offer insight into your soul’s path. (As a note: During Reiki or Tarot sessions alone, I will not open up to receive this much information.)

In the tarot reading, I will take a deep look into how you can sustain the healing received in the Reiki session, as well as bring clarity to any remaining questions that emerged from the intuitive information.

Integrated Healing sessions cost $85 and take approximately 70 minutes.

Make space for your healing

Book Now

I am located locally in Easthampton, Massachusetts at In Unity Healing Center. The Center’s address is 384 Main Street, Easthampton, MA.

Currently I am available only on Saturdays for in-person services.

Let me know what service you are interested in, and share any information you think is important for me to know before booking.

I will contact you via email to find a time that we can work together.

You are also welcome to email me directly at molly@thefirebrandwitch.com.

Healing blessings,

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