Visions of Imbolc

February 2, 2018witchery

Photo by Joshua Newton I saw darkness and forest like an underworld, eerie and shadowed and covered in fog. I kept walking until I came upon a pond. There was something like a pyre set ablaze but, mysteriously, none of its light reflected on the trees. It illuminated nothing but itself. I could make out …read more →

Reflections on Aquarius Season 2018

January 23, 2018astrology, witchery

Welcome to Aquarius season! Who are the main players? The Sun will be shining in Aquarius from January 19th until February 18th, hanging out with Venus until February 11th. Beginning on January 27th through February 12th, the South Node of the Moon is conjunct the Sun. On February 5th, the Sun will square Jupiter in Scorpio until February 15th. …read more →

Weekly Horoscopes for January 18, 2018

January 19, 2018astrology, witchery

This astro weather invites you to open up and share the deep spiritual wisdom you’ve gathered from the wounds you’ve been healing. Spiritual ideas are shared almost without effort. Synchronicity is easier to notice; look for it. Harness whatever sorrow lives in the wound you carry and alchemize it into motivation to grow, expand, and …read more →

Tarot Guidance for the Week Ahead: January 15, 2017

January 16, 2018advice, tarot, witchery

Our challenge this week is a feeling of being trapped. A feeling that our growth, beauty, talents, and potential are stifled. Like what we know we could be is being held prisoner by self-defeating thoughts, by anxiety, or something else internal that feels somehow out of our control. There may be an external event that transpires in your life …read more →

Weekly Tarot Wisdom 1/8/2018

January 9, 2018tarot, witchery

This weeks lessons are about agency and will. This comes as no surprise considering this week’s astro weather. What projects are you just about ready to launch? What grief is holding you back from charging head first into your dreams without fear? The Mother of Wands delivers our challenge for this second week of January. …read more →