What a year it’s been. 

I’m not sure I have words to describe 2017 accurately just yet. Probably because Mercury is still retrograde! That’s what we are being tasked to do right now: Find the words for this year.

It’s been a year of relentless urgency, confusion, turmoil, occasional bursts of hope, and above all–radical transformation. Collectively and individually. 

This New Moon arrives just one day before Saturn makes its move into Capricorn, leaving the expansive, philosophical sign of Sagittarius to integrate its lessons via Mercury retrograde’s call for quiet reflection. 

Though we often think of Scorpio and Pluto as the transformer of the zodiac, Saturn’s merge with Sagittarius has been profoundly transformative. And, of course, Jupiter’s dance through Scorpio has certainly helped with that!  

Sagittarius is a seeker of knowledge and truth. Sagittarius craves the capacity to see the big picture. It wants to discover universal truth; the spiritual or philosophical something that binds all of us together–the link between the heavens and the earth. 

When that Sagittarian quest is met with the disciplined energy of Saturn, the expansive truth-seeker is suddenly boundaried. 

What is the result? 


Ideology is the collection of ideas and beliefs into a system of understanding the world. A similar word may be theory, but ideology is a bit more prescriptive. It’s less “Here’s an interpretation of reality,” and more “Here is the interpretation of reality.” 

Ideology is the ordering (Saturn) of ideas and philosophies (Sagittarius) into an organized system (also Saturn) of belief. 

We are, together and separately, going through a process of ideological transformation. 

As we feel our ideologies are threatened, some of us are holding even tighter to them. Fighting for them all the more fiercely. Some of us are going through a crisis of faith. What used to feel like objective reality suddenly feels tenuous and muddy. We’re not sure what we’re fighting for anymore. 

It’s no surprise that in an age of confusion, “alternative facts,” “fake news,” and so on, we are in this astrological moment.  

Saturn is forcing us to check our facts. Saturn is also asking us to ground our big philosophical ideas about the world into reality. For some, the ideology really is just ideology. For others, Saturn has shown them: Yes, your truth is truth. 

But we’re having collective difficulty sorting out what’s what. We’re caught up in a windstorm of old ideology clinging on to dying vestiges of its once-upon-a-time unequivocal power, fighting new ideology that is determined to assert itself as the basis of a new world. 

And where does this leave us? What does this mean about Sunday’s New Moon? 

It means we must take pause, under the guidance of Mercury retrograde, and reflect on what parts of our own personal ideologies and philosophies needs a re-up. What parts of our beliefs are missing the mark? What philosophical tenets of ours are rooted more in fear or dream than in truth? 

And then, following the wisdom of the New Moon, we must set intentions for what new beliefs we’d like to cultivate for ourselves. What new ideas would we like to explore? Or perhaps more aptly: What ideas would we like to form the basis of the new structure we will create when Saturn enters Capricorn? 

But before we can fully understand how to answer these questions for ourselves, there are some important messages from Uranus and Chiron. 

To read more (700 words) about how the New Moon and its influences by Uranus and Chiron will impact you based on your sign, check out my New Moon in Sagittarius Reflection Guide. 

This 12-page guide includes:

  • A written and recorded (MP3) in-depth explanation of the astrology of this weekend, including the New Moon in Sagittarius, a review of Saturn in Sagittarius, Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, and Chiron in Pisces
  • Horoscopes for the weekend based on your sign, as an MP3 recording
  • Reflection prompts for you to integrate the information gleaned from your horoscope, so that you can set an intention for this New Moon
  • A fun ritual to support manifestation of your intention, inspired by the practice Lectio Divina

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Molly Meehan

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