This ritual kit contains: 

  1. Ritual instructions 
  2. Guided Meditation 
  3. Reflection prompts 
  4. Energy release bath 

I do not know anyone for whom this Scorpio season was easy.

Every person I know was thrown into disarray this month. Even the ones who aren’t interested in astrology. Even the ones who are normally emotionally regulated and stable as a rock. Everyone.

I met up with local witch friends last week, and we all processed the internal pain and external challenges we’ve been working through.

We realized:

Every one of us has been forced to face one of our biggest fears this Scorpio season. 

Whatever fear we’ve lived through, it is one that was keeping us stifled, stuck, and unable to fully see the truth or step into our right-sized, honest power.

Secrets have been exposed. Hidden horrors have been unveiled. Locked away traumas have been made conscious. Outdated survival tactics have been revealed.

Individually and collectively, something in us has been sentenced to Death by the power of piercing, painful honesty and witnessing.

Scorpio took no prisoners this year. With Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Mercury all moving through and interacting with each other in Scorpio this month, we had no choice but to be transformed by being dragged into our personal underworlds.

It seems that this has been especially true for those of us in the Pluto in Scorpio generation. All of those planets were interacting with Pluto–the master of death and transformation itself, the planet that corresponds to Scorpio–in our chart, too. Look at where Pluto and Scorpio are in your chart and reflect on how the executioner-style energy of this last month showed up in that part of your life.

If you’re feeling shaken, if you’re feeling exhausted: You’re right to feel that way. This is not an easy, painless process. But it is necessary.

Before we move into Sagittarius season on November 22, Scorpio needs us to clear out the decay.

It’s time to release and integrate.

This New Moon is the prime moment to wrap up this clearing process and initiate a process of rebuilding.

Scorpio New Moon Ritual 

This ritual can be as extensive or brief as you’d like. It can be completed at any point between today and November 22. (Or even after, really!)

1) First things first, find a space in your home where you feel most comfortable, a sacred space if you have one. Take some time to clean it up if it needs it. This helps the energy flow and will support your focused reflection. And of course, energetically cleanse the space with your favorite tools–an essential oil spray, burning herbs, whatever works for you.

2) Now, settle into a comfortable spot, and listen to my Scorpio New Moon Guided Meditation. This 11-minute meditation will guide you to witness and embrace the part of yourself who has been challenged this last month. If shadow integration work feels too intense for you right now, I suggest simply taking 5-10 minutes to meditate, or find a guided grounding meditation. 

3) After you’ve completed the meditation, I encourage you to take as much time as you have to write out a synthesis of what you’ve experienced this last month. You may find it helpful to start by writing out what came up for you during the meditation.

Here are some questions to guide your reflection:

  • What challenging events or crises over this last month brought up a hidden part of you that you had previously ignored, rejected, or pushed away?
  • What fear(s) arose in you when you were called to meet this challenge?
  • What was your immediate impulse in responding to it?
  • Did you follow that impulse? If so, how did it help you? How did it hurt you? How did it hurt others?
  • Did these or other events reveal anything else to you that was hidden? What areas of your life are feeling challenged? Think about your relationships, your community, your career, and your family.
  • When you had this revelation–how did it feel?
  • How, if at all, will this change the way you relate to this area of your life?
  • How are these challenges, fears, or your responses to them connected to any overarching issues / themes that you’ve been working through this last year?
  • If you could summarize this last month into one or two main lessons that you’ve learned, what would they be? Imagine you’re using this month to give advice to a dear friend, younger sibling, or someone you mentor.

No matter how long your writing, be sure that you answer these two questions, so that you can prepare for the final step of the ritual:

  • What are you realizing it is time to let go of?
  • What would you like to invite in in its place?
  • What intention do you have for inviting in this new energy / belief / behavior / situation, etc.?

If you get stuck, you may find it helpful to pull tarot cards or cast runes.

If you’re curious what a reflection like this might look like, here’s my Scorpio season personal reflection. It’s pretty long; it took me 2 days to write, but wow did it feel good!

4) Fill up your bathtub with warm water. If you don’t have a bathtub, a plain old shower will work fine, too.

Add some Epsom salt to the bath, if you’ve got it, as well as a few drops of clary sage oil. I’ve personally been feeling especially healed by rosemary lately, so if you’ve got some rosemary oil, add a few drops of that as well. (Even some fresh / dried rosemary could do the trick, too.)

Once you’re in the tub (or the shower) imagine that all of the mucky bits of the last month are being washed away. Using what you wrote in your reflection, say out loud:

I release [what you have realized it is time to let go of]. I honor that this [behavior, person, belief, job etc.] once served me, protected me, and allowed me to move further along my path. I am grateful for what [it/they/she/he] has taught me, but I know now that it is time to let it go. I am cleansing any energetic blocks I have that are keeping [what you have realized it is time to let go of] stuck or attached to me. In its place, I invite in [what you would to invite in in its place], with the intention of [as you wrote in your reflection]. I am aligned, empowered, and growing evermore aligned and empowered.

Enjoy the bliss of the warm water and the calm of having released that which no longer serves you.

You may find it extra healing to bring some cups into the bath and dump water between them, mimicking the imagery on the Temperance tarot card, which represents Sagittarius. This will help you transition out of Scorpio into the energy of Sagittarius!

If you found benefit in this ritual kit, I welcome any tips or donations, preferably via Venmo @Molly-Meehan-1, or via PayPal.

In love & madness,
Molly Meehan


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